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Shree Tajshree in customizing its approach to the needs and challenges of each project, no matter the size and scope.

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Construction Management process exceeds project and
Owner objectives through structured and consistent systems and procedures as applied by a highly-talented Project Team especially selected for each project based on their relevant experience and capabilities.


By maintaining a variety of disciplines and expertise within our preconstruction staff, not depending on external sub-consultants, and utilizing state-of-the art estimating software, Bancroft ensures our clients the best quality and cost return for their construction budget(s).


The Project Team will develop a strategy where Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) can be implemented in order to mitigate risk to the project’s budget or schedule. This allows for better review of design documents, more accurate project schedules, and to become more proactive with issues that may occur within the field.

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